Shooting Stars Sports Soccer Programs are ideal for boys and girls ages 2 to 7 years old.  Children will learn the fundamentals of the game consisting of dribbling, shooting, passing, receiving, ball control, shielding and many more skills. Our youngest 2 year old toddler soccer program is a participation class.  Parents/Caregivers enjoy interacting with their child and getting some exercise too! Our 3 year old soccer class is an independent beginner program where skill based fun games are played.  In addition, we have our 4 year old soccer class which emphasizes developing the players individual skills and introduce competitive games.  Soccer Clinics are offered for the more experienced child ranging in age from 5 to 7 years old.  Join us anytime!!

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Best Soccer Camps/Programs For Your Long Island Toddlers

Shooting Stars Sports, a Long Island, New York youth sports organization has an exceptional soccer for toddlers program. Long Island, New York toddlers now can participate in soccer, the most popular sport in the world, at Shooting Stars Sports. No other age group has seen the increase in soccer participation like that evident in the preschool toddler group. Let’s face it: is there anything cuter than watching a bunch of toddlers chasing after a soccer ball, their parents full of anticipation?


When it comes to soccer for toddlers, parents are looking for programs that will be safe, reasonably priced, and, of course, fun. Toddlers, are looking for programs that will keep them entertained long enough to learn how to score a goal. On Long Island, New York, Shooting Stars Sports makes both parents and toddlers happy with their soccer for toddlers program; it is safe, priced right, and fun! Shooting Stars Sports on Long Island has been growing since its establishment in 2011. Though the manager’s coaching career is in soccer, the organization also provides classes and camps for lacrosse and basketball. Interestingly, they only serve children ages 2-7 in their camps.


The program’s focus is on teaching fundamental skills and a love for the game, incorporating games and activities that are appropriate for a child’s age and developmental level. Reasons Why This Program Rocks: Shooting Stars Sports specializes in young children with an emphasis on the preschool years. This means your little tot will have coaches who are patient and understanding of the developmental stages he/she is going through.


Speaking of the coaches, they seem to be the highlight of this program. Parent reviews applaud their creativity in coaching and their approach with the children. They give parents the option of registering for a demo class. The reality is that toddlers are fickle and parents are picky. A demo class helps the child enjoy the program and the parents can see our coaches and their children in action. The curriculum is skill based with an emphasis on learning the game and having fun. In an era when adults can take their child’s sport a little too seriously, it is a relief to find a program that focuses on helping the toddler have a positive and fun experience.


Shooting Star Sports has locations all across Long Island. That is perfect for parents with busy schedules who want to introduce their toddlers and preschoolers to sports. Shooting Stars Sports hosts soccer classes for every season of the year. With competitive pricing, your toddler will be getting personalized attention that makes this program worth the deal. They also offer referral credits for each new customer you introduce to the program. On Long Island, nothing beats Shooting Stars Sports soccer for toddlers program for keeping the fun in the game of soccer, while providing parents a cost effective and safe option to introduce their toddler to the exciting game of soccer.